January 13, 2017

Episode 54 – How We Heal Ourselves, What The Natural Gourmet Institute Can Do For You, And An Interesting Look At The Relationship Between Acupuncture & Stroke Therapy

  • For the last episode of 2016 Jill visits popular psychotherapist and author Karol Ward about how we can heal ourselves. Karol has been on the show many times before and her advice has always proven to be invaluable. On this week’s show Jill and Karol discuss what constitutes “healing” and where we tend to fall short in our self-healing processes. Then Jill is joined by chef Celine Beitchman. Celine is an infectiously enthusiastic instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City where they offer classes on how we can change our cooking to embrace food sustainability and self-healing. Jill and Celine discuss the courses that are on offer at the institute as well as the small ways in which we can change our diet to improve our food lifestyle. Lastly, Jill sits down with Claudia Citkovitz who completed a PhD in how acupuncture can aid stroke therapy. Claudia’s study reveals some interesting results and discusses them with Jill on this week’s show.

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