January 13, 2017

Episode 51 – Emotional Cross-Fit Training, Using Vegetable Scraps to Make Juice, & A Look at The Rolfing Method.

  • New York Times bestselling authors, Dr. Nathaniel Klemp and Eric Langshur, have created the first and only cross training program for mastering the skill of emotional well-being – think PX-90 for the mind. In Start Here, Klemp and Langshur reveal a groundbreaking, science-based program for emotional wellness that anyone can learn. Their program teaches the core skills needed to break free of the habits that keep us distracted, overwhelmed and addicted to unhealthy behaviors. Jill, Nathan and Eric take an in-depth look at the program and what it can do for our general well being. Then Jill revisits caterer Marcey Browstein in her commercial kitchen in New York. Marcey gives her tips on how to turn potential food waste into a healthy and tasty juice. Finally, Jill is joined by her The YinOva Center colleague and structural integration expert, Jessa Zin, for an interesting segment on the Rolfing method.

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